I’m Swag and this is my brother Bogey. We live with our mom in Downtown Tampa, in a big building overlooking the river. Lots of other humans and their furry family members live here too. It’s totally pawsome!

Well, at least now it is, but that wasn’t always the case…

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you see…our human is really busy

She can’t always take us with her when she leaves the house. We’re not really sure why, (she says it has to do with something called work or social life…whatever that is), but she used to leave us home alone a lot.

One day we were really missing our human

She’d been gone for what seemed like furever, so we started to panic. I peed on my human’s favorite rug and took a chunk out of the couch, and Bogey frantically scratched away at our newly painted front door. We knew we were going to be in trouble, so we panicked even more and quickly found ourselves in a barking fit.

Thank goodness our human finally came home

Boy was she angry! On top of the mess we’d left throughout the house, she also got a call from Ms. Property Manager who told her that our neighbors had been complaining about our barking fits for weeks.

Our human was super frustrated

She told Ms. Property Manager that she’d been looking for a dog daycare nearby.  She’d tried taking us on walks before and after work. leaving us with toys to keep us busy,  and even considered a few mobile app dog walkers.

That’s when Ms. Property Manager recommended Paws ‘n’ Rec

She said Paws ‘n’ Rec is an exclusive membership-based doggy daycare adventure and overnight hoteling solution developed specifically for urban-living humans and pups just like us!


Our human was even able to add additional services for us, like PNR Canine Caravan pick-up and drop-off, overnight stays, dog training sessions, and baths to keep us fresh ‘n’ clean!

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  • 1 .Our human drops us off at the PNR Adventure Center on her way to work, or the Canine Caravan picks us and our friends up at the stop in front of our building.
  • 2 .We’re greeted by our really wagtastic Adventure Guide for the day as soon as we arrive.
  • 3 .Our Adventure Guide keeps a close eye on us the entire day while we run, chase, swim, play and even learn a new trick or two to show our humans!
  • 4 .At the end of the day, our human comes and picks us up at the PNR Adventure Center, or the Canine Caravan drives us to our place where our human is waiting for us back at the stop.

our human loves paws ‘n’ rec as much as we do

She can’t get over how clean and safe the place is and how much our behavior has improved since we became fur-members. The late-night doggy daycare pick-up hours (until 11:59 PM) and Canine Caravan taxi service make it super convenient for her. They also offer affordable dog boarding, so she even lets us stay overnight when she’s out of town.

life with paws ‘n’ rec is pawsome

I’m proud to report that since becoming fur-members our couch has gone untouched, the paint on the door has stayed in pristine condition, and there haven’t been any more stinky situations…well, maybe not completely. Now the only barking that can be heard in our building is all of the humans raving about Paws ‘n’ Rec!


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