2022 Services & Pricing

  • by Taylor Wallace
  • 11/9/21

Dog Boarding Costs

Paws ‘n’ Rec is an exclusive, membership-based doggy daycare adventure and overnight dog boarding facility. Every member passes a thorough evaluation and then spends significant time with the pack, providing the safest and most positive experience. When Adventurers join us for fun, they benefit from cycle-based group play featuring the lowest dog-to-person ratio in Tampa Bay, providing the safest and most positive experience for all pups.

Our members also get access to exclusive partnerships with other dog businesses, events, and more! Paws ‘n’ Rec offers two types of memberships – Daycare Adventure Memberships for pups who need daytime care, and Hotel Memberships for pups who join us for overnight stays. Additionally, we offer a variety of additional services for our members, from Solo Adventures to daily S’paw Specials. Below you can explore our dog boarding cost & prices.

Adventure Memberships (Daycare)

Our Adventure Members have access to daycare every day, Monday-Sunday from 6 AM to 11:59 PM. Our cycle-based playtimes ensure our fur-members have time to rest in our handcrafted suites between their action-packed adventures to avoid overheating, exhaustion, and bloat. All Adventure Members also have access to overnight dog boarding prices, daily S’paw Specials, and Solo Adventures. Evaluations are required for all members to ensure comfort in the facility, with our staff, and with our established members prior to committing to any membership.

    • 5 Days / Month_________________________$200 ($40/day)
    • 10 Days / Month________________________$270 ($27/day)
    • 15 Days / Month________________________$370 ($24.60/day)
    • 20 Days / Month________________________$460 ($23/day)
    • 25 Days / Month________________________$550 ($22/day)
    • Unlimited Days__________________________$630 ($21/day)
    • Second Dog_____________________________25% Discount
    • Additional Days________________________$45/day
    • Military Discount_______________________$50 off first month

Dog Boarding Prices

Hotel Memberships (Overnight Dog Boarding Facility)

Our Hotel Members enjoy group play during the day and comfortable, handcrafted accommodations overnight. They also benefit from around-the-clock care, as we always have a staff member on-premise, even overnight. Hotel Members also have access to Solo Adventures and S’paw Specials. Evaluations are required for all members to ensure comfort in the facility, with our staff, and with our established members prior to committing to any membership. Room sizes are determined upon evaluation. Here are our overnight dog boarding prices…

  • Monthly Membership Fee_________________$10/mo
  • Small Dog Room_________________________$42/night
  • Medium/Large Dog Room_________________$47/night
  • 2nd/3rd Dog_____________________________$5 off
  • 20+ Day Extended Stay___________________25% discount
  • Private Suites ___________________________$60/night
    • Private Suites are only available at our Pearl location


Dog Grooming Services

Grooming services are NOT available to members at our Lemon St. Location near downtown (only S’paw specials are available there, but Lemon St. Members are welcome to utilize our grooming services at Pearl St.). Dog Grooming services are currently available to all eligible dogs at our Pearl St. location in South Tampa. Members all receive priority booking and 10% off full grooming services.

  • Full Grooming:
    • Small dogs_________________$65 
    • Medium dogs_______________$80
    • Large dogs__________________$100
    • X-Large Dogs_______________$120
  • Double coat/doodle/poodle (some dogs are a little fancier than others. If you’ve got dreads we need to clean up or a really killer head of hair, it’s going to cost a bit extra…) 
    • Small_________________$75
    • Medium______________$90
    • Large_________________$110
    • X-Large Dogs__________$130
  • Extreme Demating (some dogs are a little fancier than others. If you’ve got dreads we need to clean up or a really killer head of hair, it’s going to cost a bit extra…) 
    • Small_________________$25
    • Medium______________$35
    • Large_________________$55
    • X-Large_______________$65
  • Mini Groom:
    • Small dogs______________$45
    • Medium dogs___________$60
    • Large dogs______________$80
    • X-Large_________________$90
    • Small doodle/poodle______$50
    • Medium doodle/poodle____$70
    • Large doodle/poodle_______$90
    • X-Large doodle/poodle_____$100
  •  Anal Glands________________$12
  • Deshed:
    • Small______________________$20
    • Medium/Large______________$30
  • Daycare price for grooming dogs___$15 

*Non-members are not permitted to attend daycare… 

S’paw Specials

Adventuring is serious business – we get down and dirty in the yards! We offer S’paw Specials every day to keep Fido nice and clean in between his adventures! S’paw Specials are available for all members and can be added on to any adventure.

  • Baths
    • Small Dog Bath Membership (4 baths/month)____$65
    • Medium/Large Bath Membership_______________$105
    • Small Dog Bath_______________________________$22
    • Medium/Large Dogs___________________________$32
  • Ear Clean______________________________$12
  • Furminator_____________________________$25
  • Teeth Clean____________________________$12
  • Nail Trim______________________________$12
  • Fresh ‘n’ Clean (Bath/Nail/Ear/Teeth)
    • Small Dogs ____________________________$45
    • Medium/Large Dogs _____________________$55

Solo Adventures

We offer Solo Adventures for all members, allowing our Adventurers to enjoy one-on-one time with our Adventure Guides to stimulate their minds, get some extra energy out, improve their mental health and learn some new skills! Solo Adventures are available to all members every day and can be added on to any adventure.

  • Bubble Blast______________________________$12
    • Play the afternoon away while chasing bubbles!
  • Splash Zone______________________________$12
    • Ready to get wet and wild in the summer sun? Let your pup dive into the pool and cool off with the pack. 
  •  Cuddles________________________________$12
    • You bring the fur, the ears, the paws, we’ll bring the love and the hugs and probably a few treats.
  • Tail Time_______________________________$12
    • Clifford the Big Red Dog didn’t get where he is today by watching Netflix.
  • Fetch Session___________________________$12
    • Even Tom Brady needs to practice.
  • Puppy Puzzles____________________________$12
    • The best way to improve SAT scores is by getting them started early.
  • Adventure Park__________________________$12
    • Like Crossfit, minus the weights + the fur, and way safer 🙂

If you have any questions about our dog boarding costs and prices, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us!