Dog Hotel Memberships

If you’re heading out of town, there’s nothing better for your dog than letting them come play with their fur-iends at Paws ‘n’ Rec  dog hotel. We’ll make sure they get plenty of exercise and all the love they usually miss when you’re gone.

Let them play when you’re away

They’ll come home tired and tidy…

There’s nothing better than coming home to a tired pup, and we’ll make sure they get quite the workout while you’re gone. With our dog lodging, we also make it supaw easy to book dog grooming and spa services online, so you can book a trim and bath right before pickup.

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Join the Pack

As a membership based facility, every dog passes an evaluation and only members can board with us, meaning you’ll have an easier time making bookings than at other facilities. This allows us to ensure we know your dogs and they know their pack mates. Membership includes priority access to the facility,  grooming discounts, and discounts around town.

Our Hotel Members enjoy group play during the day and comfortable accommodations overnight. They also benefit from around-the-clock care, as we always have a staff member on-premise, even overnight. Hotel Members also have access to Solo Adventures and S’paw Specials. Evaluations are required for all members to ensure comfort in the facility, with our staff, and with our established members prior to committing to any membership. Boarding room sizes are determined upon evaluation. Look at dog kennel room sizes below.

Monthly Membership Fee_________________$10/mo

Small Dog Room_________________________$50/night

Medium/Large Dog Room_________________$55/night

2nd/3rd Dog_____________________________$5 off

20+ Day Extended Stay____________________20% discount

Private Suites ____________________________$80/night

*Private Suites are only available at our Pearl

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With multiple packages to choose from, our doggy daycare adventures are the perfect combo of academics and athletics, providing your pup with the ultimate enrichment trifecta of basic obedience, exercise, and socialization.
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Dog Getting Groomed


Skip the mess and stress. Choose from a variety of spa and grooming services to keep your furry family member fresh ‘n’ clean, including full grooms, baths, blow outs, brush outs, nail trims, teeth brushings, ear cleanings, and de-shedding treatments. Our dog boarding facility is more than just a place for your dog to rest.


As a membership based facility, we’re able to go above and beyond what most dog care companies are capable of. We offer the best dog-to-person ratio in the Bay area. We’re also partnered with some of the best local businesses, bringing you all sorts of discounts with your membership. Learn more about our dog lodging perks.

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