Dog Grooming & Spa Services in Tampa, FL

Choose from a variety of dog grooming and spa services to keep your furry family member fresh ‘n’ clean, including full grooms, baths, blow outs, brush outs, nail trims, teeth brushings, ear cleanings, and de-shedding treatments. You and your dog will love our trimming and grooming services at our dog salon.

Skip the mess and stress

with a FURTASTIC dog groomer.

Full Dog Grooms on Gandy and Downtown St. Pete

Our Gandy and Downtown St. Pete location offers full dog grooming services to both members and the general public. Our groomers and trimmers are some of the best in the business, with decades of experience working with all different breeds and levels of mess at dog salons. We offer different dog spa packages depending you and your dog’s needs. Members receive priority booking and 10% off full grooming services.

These dog salon services are available at our Gandy location at 4313 W. Pearl Ave. and Downton St. Pete at 4300 28th St. North, St. Petersburg which is perfect for those South Tampa and St. Pete. Whether you need puppy grooming or services for an older dog, we’ve got you covered. We’re  a top dog groomer that can make your dog look great.


Full Grooming:

Small dogs_________________$75
Medium dogs_______________$100
Large dogs__________________$120
X-Large Dogs_______________$145

Double coat/doodle/poodle (some dogs are a little fancier than others and need extra spa and grooming attention. If you’ve got dreads we need to clean up or a really killer head of hair, it’s going to cost a bit extra for a dog haircut…)

X-Large Dogs__________$160


Extreme Demating

(some dogs are a little fancier than others. If you’ve got dreads we need to clean up or a really killer head of hair, it’s going to cost a bit extra…)


Hand Scissor Cut




Mini Groom:

Small dogs______________$55
Medium dogs___________$70
Large dogs______________$100
Small doodle/poodle______$60
Medium doodle/poodle____$90
Large doodle/poodle_______$110
X-Large doodle/poodle_____$120

Anal Glands________________$15


Shed Control:



Daycare price for grooming dogs___$20
*Non-members are not permitted to attend daycare…

Dog Groomer in Tampa
Dog Grooming in Tampa
grooming at dog daycare tampa fl

S’paw Grooming Specials

Adventuring is serious business – we get down and dirty in the yards! We offer S’paw Specials every day to keep Fido nice and clean in between his adventures!. S’paw Specials are available for all members, at all our Tampa, Florida locations, and can be added on to any adventure. We also offer dog wash bath memberships for those dogs that get extra stinky or for owners that just want a polished pup at all times. Our dog trimmers can also help tidy and clip your dog’s nails. View our grooming specials for ear cleans, dog nail trims, teeth cleanings, and more below.

Dog Baths:
Small Dog Bath Membership (4 baths/month)____$105
Medium/Large Bath Membership_______________$135
Small Dog Bath_______________________________$35
Medium/Large Dogs__________________________$45

Ear Clean____________________________________$15
Shed Control_________________________________$35
Teeth Clean__________________________________$15
Dog Nail Trimming____________________________$20

Fresh ‘n’ Clean (Bath/Nail/Ear/Teeth)

Small Dogs __________________________________$60
Medium/Large Dogs __________________________$70


With multiple packages to choose from, our doggy daycare adventures are the perfect combo of academics and athletics, providing your pup with the ultimate enrichment trifecta of basic obedience, exercise, and socialization.

Dog Grooming Tampa Florida
dog enjoying day at the dog spa


Don’t need dog daycare, but want a place for your pup to stay and play when you’re out of town? Our hotel members have exclusive access to board their dogs at Paws ‘n’ Rec. Hotel guests also join our dog daycare pack during the day at no extra charge.


As a membership based facility, we’re able to go above and beyond. We’re the only company in town with 24hr care, and we offer the best dog-to-person ratio in the Bay area. We’re also partnered with some of the best local businesses, bringing you all sorts of discounts with your membership. And we pull our pack together, so join for your pup, but stay for the socials.

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