Hurricane Policy

wet dog

Paws ‘n’ Rec is based in Tampa Bay, an area prone to hurricanes and tropical storms through the summer months. But never fear, we’re hurricane veterans. We’ve weathered many a storm over our decade in the dog daycare and boarding business, and we have policies and procedures in place in the event that a significant storm looks like it may disrupt our operations.

We monitor the weather closely in the summer months and if a storm appears to be approaching the Bay, we work to keep our staff and our pet parents updated on our plan should conditions worsen.

If it appears that a storm may cause flooding, power outages, or property damage at any of our locations, we will work to evacuate our facilities. We may choose to evacuate before evacuation orders are given to the general public in an effort to get dogs together with their owners prior to them needing to evacuate their homes. Every dog that stays with us is required to have an emergency contact, and if you are not able to pick up your pup, we will work with you directly to ensure someone can pick up your pup to care for them during the storm.

When a storm appears imminent, we will stop accepting new boarding reservations in an effort to reduce our capacity should conditions worsen. We may also choose to close daycare leading up to a storm to allow our staff to secure the facility and work directly with parents to get their pups to safety.

If accommodations can’t be made outside of our facility for your dog, or a storm rapidly approaches before we can properly evacuate, we have relationships with other dog care facilities further inland where we can evacuate to.

As always, our number one priority is the safety of all the pups in our care. While we’d love to weather a storm in the company of lots of dogs, we feel the safest path forward for your fur babies and our staff is to clear our facilities of all dogs. We appreciate your understanding and feel free to give us a call with any questions or concerns.

The PNR Squad